Bassnectar Versus Flux Pavilion? Who is Your Favorite..

Hey guys I decided to do a little competition here today on figuring out who is better and who you would rather listen to you. Both of these guys are very huge and the Dubstep music scene and I want to know who is your favorite of the two. It’s a super hard choice for me personally but I would have to go with Bassnectar.

What About You?

# flux is going to get my vote hands-down just because his music is a lot cooler and he is just just more mainstream to me. It really just comes down to opinion really but I think that he is also more popular just in the main round of Dubstep music. I also do know that she is always doing two wars and a lot of people are always going to see him live and that really helps create a fan base.

# Bassnectar does do shows but I think your right on flux doing more shows. I just think that he does more shows and he just likes to travel more and it just creates more popularity for people going to go see him and it spreads through word-of-mouth and it’s just I think that’s the key to it.

# Bassnectar is definitely more popular worldwide doing I’m sure of that. I have heard that he is huge in the country of Africa and the one the most populated areas in the world. It’s pretty easy to fall into argument on who is your favorite but really it’s in the days are pretty much equal in all assets. Sit here and are you about who should winner who is cool is just kind of a waste of time in my opinion.

What Does Dubstep Music Do for You?

I have dedicated today’s post to directly involving the main reasons why I personally love Dubstep music. I guess that really does it for me is the fact that I have been listening to music and am a hard-core fan of it for many years. The regular old style of music kind of just for me and I’m been looking for something new. It’s sort of like eating out at the same fast food restaurant every single day and just kind of want to try something new.

dnb music festival

As soon as I started dabbling in the electronic music industry a little bit and finding new music I really just fell in love. The fact of mixing regular music with such beats and this unpredictable and so fast and just having so much bass involved really just blew me away. I’m to the point now where I like faster Dubstep and what is considered mainstream stuff more than the regular old-school Drum and bass. People tend to hate the new Dubstep style but it just is more or less more fun to listen to. And the fact that people kind of judge us just because you like this new mainstream stuff just isn’t right in my opinion.

Maybe some of you can share what your reasons are for liking Dubstep an electronic music in general?

# The main reason I fell in love with because the stuff is off the radar and it’s just not being a listen to every single day on the radio. You can’t find this stuff just anywhere you look and you actually have to go out there in the underground music scene and search for your favorite stuff. Maybe the coolest song you found took you a week to find and he’s just a nobody that’s trying to make it in the music industry.

# how about you try to explain this one to me. I don’t really have an understanding as to why I love the music I love but when I listen to it just makes me feel amazing if that makes any sense whatsoever. And sometimes I like to choose music it just makes me want to get up and dance or just move around and just have so much expression that it’s flowing outside of my blood.

# i’m thinking most of us can understand where you’re coming from except you’re just trying to say it in inexperienced out-of-the-box way. You’re not any more special or any more complex even though you think you’re a hipster I don’t really know. People just need to tend to try to just open up a little in express and look in the ideas of why they like it’s really not that hard. I’ve always been a fan of really loud bass and it’s easy to just fall in love with Dubstep for that reason. The artists are so much cooler than any of the other artists in the industry as well like country music or rap music or any of that crap.

# you can’t go as far to say that the artists and music industry or that much cooler I mean you don’t even know them personally. I’m a fan of them but I one goes far to say that just does it here it’s pure opinion on what you’re saying. I’m in love with Dubstep because it involves so much read next music and I love when somebody takes the regular or original song and doesn’t remix of it and the electronic music industry is huge for that with Dub.

Wicked Metalcore Dubstep Remix. Gotta Listen

What do you Think?

Kevin replied:
It’s pretty rare to find a good song like this of the Dubstep mixed with metal. The fan base for metal music is probably more huge thing of the Dubstep. As you can see this video here has over 1 million views and that’s a dead giveaway how popular the stuff is. I would say even some of the bands in here aren’t true metal anyways like korn and stuff. Disturbed is just hard rock and not considered actual metal. I’m not complaining but more or less just informed me that they are not considered metalcore.

Tony H. replied:
I’m in love with this Remix and my only question has to do with how can I download it. Does someone know the legalities of if I can use the YouTube downloader and download something like this and keep it for my own use since it is a remix. I do know that the YouTube music downloader is illegal to use in the wrong form but in the right form you can still use it so is a remix like this still legal for me to download? Because I noticed on sound cloud that I can legally download almost all of the remix songs and it’s fine but does that same legality go for YouTube?

Vinny replied:
I think you’re safe to download the remix songs and especially Dubstep like this because I’ve been doing it for years and if I do other real songs I get an email from my Internet provider telling me that it’s illegal. I think once somebody edits the song and certain of calls at their own as a remix that it’s totally open source to download maybe I’m totally wrong but it seems like the web is full of that.

Christine L replied:
I am constantly using the YouTube downloader to use music for my collection and I even download songs that are very openly illegal because I didn’t know better but I never got warned. I seriously thought it was legal and it was only until I read an article the other day that I phone that it wasn’t legal. It’s a good question though if we can download this metal Dubstep Remix and have it be legal or illegal that’s a great question because we all want to download this and listen to it not car.

Keith replied:
You guys worry too much they can’t even catch the illegal downloading so if you just go for it not to get caught! Worrying about it is just a complete waste of time in my book. Go do what you  want while your still alive.

Christine replied:
That’s easy for you to say just because you don’t care about your morals and beliefs when I do. It’s the fact that if I can pay for something and the money actually goes to the artist that created the music that I feel better at the end of the day. If that music artist was you and you weren’t getting paid and people were stealing your music you would be pretty angry.

I have heard that it’s almost impossible to get caught any of a better chance of getting hit by a train but it’s still more or less about the morals. These music artists are putting their heart and souls and it is music and they’re not getting paid all the money they’re supposed to and that’s what’s wrong with it. And on top of that worst feeling at the end of the day it’s kind of like you going to the grocery store convenience store and just stealing something right off the shelf and walking out and you wouldn’t do that would you?

Bassnectar has a New Dub Tune – Check it Out. Meow

# I can say that I easily prefers a Remix of the song just because it has more of a cool sound. A lot of times these remixes are doing a lot better than the regular song and if you look at a lot of mainstream music on the radio they’re making electronic remixes and those are actually more popular than the songs on the radio. If it were up to me I would probably just hear the top 10 songs or the top 10 remixes of that song. I’m just a personal fan of remixes and I prefer the Remix in this case as well.

# Dubstep music has come really far and it makes me excited for what is to come in the future for it. I just saw Microsoft used done drum and bass in their television commercial. Just think that the public can’t hide behind the fact of how cool stuff sounds and movies and then cinematic popularity. You can’t hide behind what’s popular and what’s not.

# This is getting a bit off topic of what this post is about but I guess we can have this conversion for the 97th time around here. Ugh. Let’s move on to a different topic.

Cool New Song by Rusko – Wicked Drum and Bass

# I’m totally in love with the song and the way it is being produced. I haven’t been a big fan of this type of music for a long time but just recently it seems that I’ve fallen in love with this stuff. One of my friends brought me to a concert pretty much just fell in love from there. There was something about the levels of loud bass music that just really made me fall in love with this stuff. I want say I’m a hard-core addict but lately I’ve been listening to this stuff and doing a lot of exercising to it and it’s really been helping me lose a lot of weight. I’m a believer in the fact of this music really pushes you hard and make your body just jump up and down with joy.

# Does anybody know when the next concert is going to be around the state of Arizona? If I could somehow find tickets to go to and share this in live in person I would absolutely adore that. So if somebody has a scheduler or has their schedule that could send to me just let me know I’m really looking for right now. Any type of tickets I can get I would fall for because even if I’m sitting in the way back or I’m at the back of the concert hall would still mean the world to me.

# You can find the schedule online it’s actually not hard at all so just visit their website and it’s on there and look for your state. And there is a thing you can sign up for that alerts you when your concert, near you or within a couple of states that way you can drive and visit the concerts.

# Yeah but this specific artist doesn’t have a good website right now are somethings wrong with the updates of the tour schedule. I had the exact same problem trying to find this and I couldn’t actually leaving find it. So I know exactly what that person is talking about when they left a comment about trying to find it. I think there’s just something wrong with the update section and it’s really behind schedule so if you go to look for the upcoming dates it’s like a couple of months ago and really behind. If you think about it it’s really got to be killing their their sales as far as selling tickets and stuff because I can’t I take it you are online on their site.

# Oh yeah I guess you’re right I just looked at it and it’s exactly like you’re saying. I tried to contact the webmaster that runs it maybe there’s just some internal error they can update it because I’m interested in it now too. I think it’s important for this type of thing to work because if they’re not getting sales then the artist isn’t making any money.

History on Dubstep Music as a Whole

The list that classifies dubstep artists is long and ranges greatly; there are those artists who had great influence in the emergence of dubstep as well as those who helped to expose the genre due to being under a major record label. From local artists to international artists, dubstep artists have shown to be more than just entertainers, with the ability to sing through a form of electronic dance which is known to have originated from the United Kingdom, but mostly in areas around South London. Some of the notable dubstep artists today include Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Klaypex amongst countless others.

huge music festival

One thing you need to know about dubstep is that it is not very old, the earliest dubstep artists and their releases date back to 1998, although at this time the songs were rather experimental and there were not many instruments used. The idea was coined from break beats and thus these artists tried to transform these break beats with the addition of funk. There were various instruments added to dub remixes and thus the emergence of the word dub which later bore the complete name, dubstep. If you have ever made a recording in a music recording studio, you will realize that there are many events happening, and each event is treated according to the objective at hand like adding stringed instruments, drums, and flutes amongst others. This is how music is created and the intention of dubbing was to perfect what was already there, whereas at the same time giving birth to a whole new genre.

The idea of dub spread far beyond South London over time and as of now it has spread throughout the entire world. The lifespan of dubstep may just be a decade old, and yet there are now a very wide range of dubstep artists producing music. A large variety of websites have also been created promoting the fast growing genre, and since 2006 the number of dubstep artists has been growing rapidly. The term ‘dubstep’ was formed due to the method of recording used to create the tracks. As mentioned earlier, the style dates back to 1998, and during this period the recordings were darker and lacked the amount of instruments added to the mixes made today. These early recordings began to advance, with the addition of the two-step garage form of tracks that attempted to bring together the art behind funk, breakbeat and even additional elements of dark drums and bass guitars. All of these were incorporated to fit the two-step tracks which produced the singles we hear today.

The first dubstep artists’ music to go on air was broadcast by BBC radio 1 in 2003 by the famous DJ John Peel, and with his enthusiasm in the new genre he continued to broadcast dubstep on the station. This was the first show of its kind running for more than a year, and it allowed its listeners to vote on their favorite tracks as the genre continued to grow. As time went by, dubstep became more and more popular with coverage appearing in magazine publications, ads in newspapers and various other media. What makes dubstep unique, and the reason why many artists from other genres seem to be transitioning over to it, is that it has managed to incorporate a vast mixture of different genres into itself. The genre is ever changing with more dubstep artists appearing each year, usually combining something new into the genre making it ever-changing and very unique.